'The Stubborn Organic Emblem of Social and Biological Survival' tells the story of a King in Waiting (loosely based on HRH The Prince of Wales) who embarks on a sadomasochistic relationship with a sentient Aspidistra Plant. Think Fifty shades of Grey crossed with Day of the Triffids. Storyteller is a collaboration between writer & occasional filmmaker Bruce McClure and sound artist Bjørn Hatleskog. Taking the form of an Orwellian style radio drama, that is presented in cassette form in homage to their namesake (the nineteen eighties children's magazine and tape series published by Marshall Cavendish). This audiowork was originally produced for an exhibition called Liminality (Cacophany) that took place from the 17th-19th of August at Gallery 46 in Whitechapel. The illustrations were provided by Chris Wright of Turbo Island.

Bjørn Hatleskog's work explores the nature of feedback loops, noise and interference and their application via mechanical automation. These ideas are investigated through the construction of modular robotic devices which are combined to form generative sound installations. Since 2002 he has been running the Adaadat record label, as well as releasing music on other labels including Benbecula, Seed, Rolax and Invitro, under the monikers Romvelope and Kema Keur. Along with Bruce McClure, he was also a member of live art/noise performance group Le Couteau Jaune.

Bruce McClure recently completed a lo-fi, zero-budget, indie, psychological black comedy feature film called District Nurse. In 2000 he co-founded an electronic label called Seed with Joshu Doherty (Posthuman, Altern8) and Richard Bevan (also from Posthuman). He collaborated with the composer Wojciech Rusin for a radio play called 'The Garden' which was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 The Freakier Zone and Glasgow based art radio, Radiophrenia. McClure is also a regular poetry contributor to Bristol based skateboard magazine Dog Piss. He also makes an appearance on the new album Mutant City Acid by Posthuman.

"Bruce McClure & Bjorn Hatleskog host a communion with a vegetation deity. Casual observations from the foyer of the Mountain King. An ode to etheric transmissions, electro-acoustic night terrors, suggestive drones & dystopian sea shanties."
Mark Westall (Fad Magazine)


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ADA0056 - Cassette (Limited to 100 copies)

Tracklisting : (Click on the titles to play the tracks, you may have to disable your Adblocker plugin)

Side 1 :

01. t.s.o.e.o.s.a.b.s. (part 1)

Side 2 :

01. t.s.o.e.o.s.a.b.s. (part 2)

Credits :

Original Story Written and Read by Bruce McClure
Sound and Design by Bjørn Hatleskog
Illustration by Chris Wright

Links :

The Strangest Pet on Earth
Turbo Island

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